12 COLORS - Pink Buttero Leather Desk / Keyboard & Mouse Pad
12 COLORS - Pink Buttero Leather Desk / Keyboard & Mouse Pad
12 COLORS - Pink Buttero Leather Desk / Keyboard & Mouse Pad
12 COLORS - Pink Buttero Leather Desk / Keyboard & Mouse Pad
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12 COLORS - Pink Buttero Leather Desk / Keyboard & Mouse Pad

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A sturdy desk pad made of top-quality Italian leather, available in 12 colors.

You're looking at a desk pad constructed of full-grain Buttero vegetable-tanned cow leather from Conceria Walpier Tannery of Italy. Our desk mats are available in a wide range of colors, providing your workspace a distinctive look. The smooth texture of the desk mat allows it to be used as a mouse & keyboard mat. Thanks to the firm fibers of vegetable-tanned leather, it makes it a great writing surface and a pleasure to write on. It not only protects your desk surface but also is a great writing pad/blotter. The edges of the leather are beveled and burnished with natural beeswax to achieve a smooth edge finishing. Being made from the highest quality materials, this would be the last desk mat you would ever need! In fact, it would even look better as it gains character over time.

** Leather is a natural material and scars and blemishes may appear on the hide. I will avoid major scars and blemishes for the hide when cutting the leather, but small blemishes or growth marks (grain) may appear on the item, due to the large surface area of the item.

Custom Sizes
We know every desk is different, so just send us a message if you need a custom size. We will reply shortly with a quote for the requested size.

Leather Colors
This product is customizable and available in a wide range of colors. Please refer to the photo above for color reference.

1 - Brown
2 - Burgundy
3 - Navy Blue
4 - Black
5 - Orange
6 - Purple
7 - Green
8 - Pink
9 - Red
10 - Caramel
11 - Mustard yellow
12 -Khaki Gray

Sizes available:
-17" x 22"
-19" x 24"
-20" x 36"
-24" x 38"
-12" x 17"
-12" x 24"
-12" x 30"

Packaging & Shipping
Our desk mats are shipped in a roll form when shipped, wrapped securely with bubble wrap and packing paper. The desk pad would require some flattening before use. To do so, you may simply roll the item towards the opposite direction it was shipped in and it should be flat enough to be used. You could also place it under something flat and heavy for a couple of days (e.g. under your mattress or some books).

More about the leather
Buttero Vegetable Tanned Leather comes from Conceria Walpier Tannery in Tuscany, Italy. Founded in 1973, the tannery uses hides from France and specializes in vegetable tanning. They are well known for their premium vegetable tanned leathers and the beautiful colors are able to produce.

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