Black Leather Sunglasses and Glasses Case
Black Leather Sunglasses and Glasses Case
Black Leather Sunglasses and Glasses Case
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Black Leather Sunglasses and Glasses Case

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You're looking at a spectacle case constructed with 6 oz thick vegetable tanned cow leather and solid brass hardware. Vegetable tanned leather was once used for harnesses and its one of the strongest and stiffest leather you would be able to find. The strength of the thick leather provides plenty of protection for your sunglasses/glasses. We even added a leather arch inside the case to reinforce the structure of it. The case is so strong that it wouldn't lose shape even if you accidentally sat on it.

The glasses case is entirely stitched by hand with strong polyester thread, ensuring maximum durability. The edges are beveled and hand burnished to achieve a nice finish.

~16.5 cm (L) x 7 cm (H) x 3 cm (W)

About the leather:
Made from wonderfully tanned vegetable tanned cow leather. Vegetable tanning is a traditional way of tanning using tannic acids naturally found from plant species. The natural appearance before painted, has a slightly brownish tinge over a beige color, with a natural, woody and earthy smell. Due to the nature of the tannins, a unique patina will develop and "carmelize" over time.

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